【Duolingo英語術】Section5-8 Talk about your health Part2

【Duolingo英語術】Section5-8 Talk about your health Part2


英語学習アプリ「Duolingo」で取り上げられている英文をまとめて学習につなげる「Duolingo英語術」、今回はDuolingoのセクション5のユニット8、“Catch up with old friends”(健康について話す)を取り上げます。



セクション5では「幅広い話題について文章を作る」(I can participate in daily life in English.)ことがテーマになっております

  • 2024年7月時点の情報となります
  • 核になる表現はそのままで、単語や細かな言い回し等が変わることもございます
  • 英語の文章表記は、公式の表現をそのまま使用しております
  • ユニットでは問題・回答とも日本語訳が出てきませんが、独自に日本語訳を少しずつ付けていきます
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You feel hot, so let’s check your temperature.

Don’t worry, ninety-eight degrees is normal!

My head didn’t hurt yesterday, but today it does.

Do you need some aspirin for your headache?

I always see a doctor when I’m sick, but my dad doesn’t.

Please follow your doctor’s instructions.

  • 別の表現例…ここでは、Duolingoで正解扱いとしている別解が設定されているものについて記載しております
  • 本ユニットでは英文のみ登場します(日本語訳はありません)




I think we have got some medicine for headaches.

No, I don’t have a headache, but my son does.

Tom doesn’t take medicine when he has a headache, but I do.

I have a bad stomachache. My stomach hurts really badly!


I’m going to take an aspirin because my head hurts.

Lily wants to take an aspirin because she has a headache.

My tooth hurts so badly. Do I need a prescription for aspirin?

Here, take some aspirin.


Kevin doesn’t have a sore throat, but Anna does.

I drink lemon tea when my throat hurts.

Anna has a sore throat, so she is drinking tea to get better.

Maria has a cough, and her throat hurts.

Bea has got lemon tea for her sore throat.

It was a bad idea to eat all that spicy soup. My throat hurts so badly!


My toes hurt, but my legs don’t. Actually, they’re OK.

Oh no, I hurt my hand badly!

My elbow really hurts! Can you tell someone that I’m hurt?

My elbow hurt after I played tennis.

I was at the gym for two hours yesterday, so my elbow hurts.

She’s hurt! Her foot really hurts.

I’m hurt! My leg hurts a lot!

Your leg still hurts, right? Don’t worry, the nurse has got medicine for you.


When you bleed, blood comes out of your body.

Oh no, his finger is bleeding! Do you think he cut it while cooking?

A person bleeds, but a plant doesn’t.


Bea has a fever, so she’s going to rest.

You have got a normal temperature. Do you still feel sick?

Oh no, Junior’s temperature is too high!

She has got a temperature of 100 degrees!

I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can come today. I’ve got a fever.


My brothers don’t want hot tea, but I do.

She has got a cup for the tea, and I have got some hot water.

My brothers don’t want hot tea, but I do.

I have got tea for you because you’re sick.

You have got lemons, right? Anna has got honey, so we can make some tea.

You don’t eat honey when you’re sick, but I do.


You have a cough, so you need this medicine.

I didn’t need medicine last night, but now I do.

Don’t worry, we have got some medicine here, and Anna has got a bandage.

Tom has got medicine for you! And I have got some tea too.

I need to go to the pharmacy because I need more medicine.

Here’s your prescription. Please take this medicine with water.

Here’s my prescription. My doctor wrote it for me.

Which pharmacy do you usually buy medicine at?

Where is the pharmacy? I need to get my cough medicine.

I always buy medicine at the same pharmacy, but my parents don’t.


I didn’t wait long to see the doctor, fortunately.

The weather is bad, so we can’t drive to the clinic. Do your ears hurt badly?

Let’s go to the clinic. We need to see a doctor.

I always go to the hospital when I’m sick, but my sister doesn’t.

I broke my arm, so I need to go to the clinic every week.


Do they sell tissue boxes here, or just medicine?

I need to get some cold medicine and more tissues.

My parents keep extra boxes of tissues at home, but we don’t.


If you’re sick, you need to rest. If you don’t rest, you’ll feel exhausted.

Other people don’t feel cold, but I do.

Ben doesn’t feel well, but Kevin does.


I feel so exhausted. We have got time to take a break, right?

I’m exhausted because I worked for twelve hours today!


Tom usually follows the instructions, but Ben doesn’t.

Maria didn’t follow the nurse’s advice.

If you want to know how to take this medicine, just follow the instructions.


The doctor told me that I need to rest this week

I try to rest when I’m sick, but my colleagues don’t.

Junior needs to rest because he has a headache.


Yeah, but I still have to wait.








I just took my temperature, and it says ninety-nine degrees. That’s a fever, right? Or is one hundred a fever? I always forget!  The speaker is asking…

how hot a fever is

There isn’t a hospital in my small town, but there is a clinic. It’s open until late at night, and the doctor and nurses there are great.  In the speaker’s town…

there’s a great clinic





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