【Duolingo英語術】Section5-10 Describe your routine

【Duolingo英語術】Section5-10 Describe your routine


英語学習アプリ「Duolingo」で取り上げられている英文をまとめて学習につなげる「Duolingo英語術」、今回はDuolingoのセクション5のユニット10、“Describe your routine”(日課を説明する)を取り上げます。



セクション5では「幅広い話題について文章を作る」(I can participate in daily life in English.)ことがテーマになっております

  • 2024年7月時点の情報となります
  • 核になる表現はそのままで、単語や細かな言い回し等が変わることもございます
  • 英語の文章表記は、公式の表現をそのまま使用しております
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Is Ben awake, or is he still sleeping?

He’s combing his hair in front of the mirror.

My husband shaves every morning before breakfast.

This toothpaste makes my teeth white!

Please help your sister get ready for school.

My dad kisses me each morning before I go to school.

  • 別の表現例…ここでは、Duolingoで正解扱いとしている別解が設定されているものについて記載しております
  • 本ユニットでは英文のみ登場します(日本語訳はありません)



Mary has fallen asleep on top of her books.

Probably. I usually go to bed at 10.

My son fell asleep ten minutes ago, so I can help Mia fall asleep now.

Mia has fallen asleep again! She always sleeps in the car.

Lisa and I were sleeping in the library, but I’m awake now.

I fell asleep early last night because I was very tired.

I can help my daughter fall asleep too. My son fell asleep earlier.

The quiz was at 8 a.m. Maria was asleep then, so she missed it.


My phone has rung a million times today, even during class.

My phone has rung twice during meetings today. I was so mad each time.

Wow, your phone hasn’t rung for a whole hour!

The phone has rung twenty times today!

The phone hasn’t rung all day. It’s been quiet in the office.

My phone never rings, but it rang during my exam yesterday!

Mrs. Lee said that yesterday your phone rang during the lesson. If it rings again, she’ll be upset.

I was eating lunch when my phone rang. If it rings again, please tell me!

Mia, your phone rang five minutes ago. I think it’s been ringing all day!


She usually waits for her hair to dry before she combs it.

He’s combing his hair in front of the mirror.

I comb my hair before I go to bed.

Mia loves combing her doll’s hair and doesn’t let anybody else comb it.


When he smiles, you can see all of his teeth.

Mia is always smiling when she is with her cat.

You can see all of my teeth when I smile.

The kids are smiling and laughing.

True, he always has a smile on his face!


I really want to shave, but my son won’t let me shave in the bathroom.

Vikram doesn’t shave his beard.

Kevin hasn’t shaved in twenty years. He prefers to have a beard.


I like to relax during a vacation.

I’m relaxing right now.

Yes, I’m more relaxed today.

Mia and her mom are relaxing on the sofa.

A hot bath helps me relax. I love relaxing in a bathtub after a long day.


She’s stressed all the time because she has lots of homework.

Tom is stressed because he has a test tomorrow.

When I’m stressed, movies help me relax. I enjoy relaxing at home with my dog!


My parents never let me stay awake late, but they like staying awake late.

If everyone is awake, we can start making breakfast.

My parents never let me stay awake late, but they like staying awake late.


Duo and Eddy get lots of exercise.

Tom exercises at the gym every morning.

In the morning, he exercises at home because he hates going to the gym.

Mom always tells me to exercise, but she doesn’t let me exercise at home.


Every morning, Dad works in the garden. Then he changes his dirty clothes.

Lisa liked to dress like a doctor.

I change my clothes before school because they don’t let us wear pajamas.

I want to dress like Dad, but his clothes are too big for me.


Our favorite TV series starts at 7.

Ben watches his favorite TV series before school.

I watch lots of TV after school.

Mom only lets me watch cartoons. She doesn’t want me to watch scary series.


It feels good when grandma hugs me.

Can you hug me at least?

I ask my son to hug me in the morning. He usually doesn’t let me hug him!


Can you help me write a shopping list? I already wrote a few things down.

I don’t let my son help me with the dishes, but he loves helping me!

Yes, I wrote down the address. Can you help me write down her phone number?

Tom loves learning Spanish. This book will help him learn lots of new words.


Monica puts a lot of toothpaste on her toothbrush.

Tom wrote everything down in his workbook.

Drinking lots of warm tea helps me feel better. I hate feeling sick!

I kiss my wife every morning.








For Kevin, most mornings are the same. He wakes up at 7. He dresses in his work clothes, has breakfast, and then drives his kids to school.  speaker is describing…

Kevin’s morning schedule

While he was shaving, Ben heard a loud noise. He jumped and cut his face. Fortunately, it stopped bleeding after he put a tissue on it.  Which is true?

Ben hurt himself.

Sometimes Anna’s phone rings when she’s driving her kids to school. She never answers her phone in the car because she knows it isn’t safe.  Anna…

tries to stay safe





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